I offer individualized treatment services based on your presenting issues and individual goals.  It all begins with a clinical evaluation whereby we become acquainted with one another.   You will get to know me, my  therapy style, ask any questions you may have, and I will get to know you, such as, listening to your overall history, your reason for seeking therapy, your needs and expectations. Equally importantly, I wish to know how you may think I can help you, and as your potential therapist, am I good match for you?

At the end of this visit, I will share my diagnostic impressions, clinical treatment recommendations by considering your needs, issues, symptoms and goals.  In the second session, a treatment plan will  be collaboratively  developed between you and I.

A treatment plan is a road-map which provides optional routes on how to attain your goals.  Hence, your treatment plan  reflects specific long-term and short-term objectives and methods of achieving your goals.  My purpose is support you to achieve your goals so you may move on in your life.

Your therapeutic success is also dependent on your motivation for treatment, such as, attending your treatment sessions, and be willing to engage in the therapy process.

Please note, because I highly value open and honest communication, it is important to share, my practice does not offer case management services, disability claim evaluations, medication management, custody or forensic evaluations or court-ordered treatment or accept attorney, DHHS or probation based referrals.