Dr. Christopher Garrison., Ed.D., Ph.D., LCPC., NCC., MAC., CCMHC., DCMHS., ACS

Licensed Psychotherapist

Psychoanalytical Treatment for Adults, Couples, Clinical Hypnosis, and Clinical Supervision for Licensed Clinicians

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This is a Safe Space for All.

Hello, my name is Dr. Christopher Garrison, and welcome to my practice website:  bangortherapy.com. I am a doctorate-trained Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a psychoanalytical clinician offering telehealth psychotherapy services in the beautiful state of Maine.  I have two doctorates: A Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Counseling Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychoanalysis.  I also have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  I have 37 years of post-graduate clinical experience treating diverse patient populations, and I continue to love this work!

I am also a psychoanalytical candidate at the Pennsylvania School of Psychoanalysis, working toward a Certificate in Modern Psychoanalysis which comprises intensive psychoanalytical coursework, clinical supervision, and training analysis.  Psychoanalysts are mental health professionals who have the most comprehensive training in psychotherapy.

Online Video Therapy Sessions:

My clinical practice is entirely online. I have advanced training in providing ethical and clinical online mental health services. Psychotherapy video sessions for adults and couples may receive adequate and safe treatment without worrying about transportation issues, inclement weather, mobility concerns, or geographic distance. Equally important, many insurance companies now reimburse for online video therapy.  All treatment sessions are on a HIPPA-compliant video-based online platform.

Issues I Treat:

As a modern psychoanalytical clinician, I work with patients who desire to go beyond symptom relief and work toward symptom resolution. I work with adults and couples who are emotionally struggling. Many of my patients seek therapy due to anxiety/panic attacks, impaired coping skills, unresolved childhood pain, relationship issues, heartache, grief, sadness, trauma-related symptoms, and issues related to personality functioning.

My Therapeutic Approach:

Modern psychoanalytical psychotherapy is about supporting people to be their authentic selves and supporting them toward a place of inner peace, self-awareness, and owning their truth.  I help my patients resolve symptoms instead of providing “band-aid therapy.”      In therapy, I offer a safe therapeutic space, a holding environment, so to speak, that supports and encourages you to express your thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences. I will help you examine, communicate, and resolve the current issues, symptoms, and underlying dynamics.  I offer therapy for patients who wish to have a deeper understanding of themselves.   We human beings are complex, and change does not occur overnight. Positive change is possible once we understand and process the unconscious and conscious causes and the choices we make, which impact our ‘here-and-now.’ 

Change without insight is futile, and insight without change is equally futile:

Once we fully understand the journey that led us to our current concerns, we can take responsibility for our happiness.   Positive change and growth are possible, transformative, and enduring.   However, it takes motivation and commitment to the therapeutic process for change to occur.

Each patient is treated with respect and kindness, not as a dysfunctional person, but rather as a human being who recognizes she/he/they/them deserves to be happy.     I work best with patients who are motivated and committed to therapy and realize change needs to occur.  I take self-paid patients as well as insurance.   I invite you to “visit” the various pages on this website.   When you are ready to schedule an appointment, I’m here.

                                        Some Pathways Lead to the Future…


Kind Regards,

Dr. Christopher Garrison – (207) 618-9238

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call my office or e-mail me dr.garrison@bangortherapy.com

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