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Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis and Consultation

Hello, my name is Dr. Christopher Garrison and welcome to my practice website:! I am a doctorate-trained Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) practicing in Bangor, Maine. I have a doctorate and master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology with 33 years of post-graduate experience treating children, adolescents and adults. Counseling Psychology is an integrated mental health discipline combining psychological and clinical counseling principles, assessment procedures, theories, and therapeutic techniques.

I work with patients who are emotionally struggling. For many of them, they wish to go beyond symptom relief and work toward symptom resolution. Many of my patients seek therapy because of anxiety/pain attacks, impaired coping skills, unresolved childhood pain, relationship issues, heart-ache, grief, sadness, trauma related symptoms, and issues related to personality functioning. As a clinician, I prefer to support patients to resolve symptoms, as opposed to, providing “band-aid therapy.”

I am trained in several clinical treatment orientations: Psychoanalytical/psychodynamic, Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE), Cognitive-behavioral-Trauma Focused-Trauma Focused (CBT-TF) and clinical analytical hypnosis.

As a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapist, (insight oriented therapy) , this approach examines and resolves deep rooted conflicts and pain which is manifested as various symptoms. PE treatment addresses and resolves PTSD adult symptoms while CBT-TF addresses children and adolescents trauma symptoms. Finally, clinical hypnosis targets specific problematic symptoms, such as, compulsive behaviors, (smoking, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and so on).

The reality is regardless of the treatment model, the process of psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship. My approach is humanistic. Each patient who comes into my office is treated with respect and kindness, and not as a dysfunctional person, but rather as a human being who recognizes she/he deserves to be happy.  I work best with patients who are motivated for therapy, and who recognize change needs to occur. My job is is to support you, as you process and work through your struggles by creating a safe therapeutic environment. I take several insurance plans. I invite you to “visit” the various pages on this website. When you ready to schedule an appointment, I’m here.

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