In Loving Memory of a Great Mentor: Dr. Judith Allen, PhD., LMFT., LPC (Texas) Founder of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association .

“I have known Dr. Christopher Garrison, his work and his teaching, for many years. Dr. Garrison is sensitive, caring, and nonjudgmental to his patients and colleagues and has a unique ability to make others feel a sense of importance. He does this by showing respect and support of their path in life and their ideas. Dr. Garrison is a great listener who practices really hearing what is being expressed. Dr. Garrison would be a good choice for therapy for most people. He keeps up with the profession and takes part in professional seminars to offer his teaching skills to his colleagues. He is trustworthy and professional and practices good ethics. Although he has a wealth of knowledge, he is humble and courteous to everyone. With great insight, Dr. Garrison helps patients to explore alternative solutions and reach new conclusions on their own terms. If there were a check list for a great psychotherapist, he could mark all the boxes. I am pleased to recommend him.” Dr. Judith Allen, PhD LMFT., LPC